“Sleep and wakefulness, both of them, when immoderate constitute disease” (Hippocrates)

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Sleep-wake disorders affect 10-20% of the general population and have a dramatic impact on health, performance, productivity, and overall quality of life.

However, the awareness and knowledge about sleep-wake disorders and current diagnostic and treatment strategies are often unused or inadequate.

The mission of the ESF is to promote:

  1. the knowledge about mechanisms and determinants contributing to disorders of sleep and wakefulness
  2. the discovery of new approaches to optimize sleep-related health in patients and general population
  3. the interactions between different health professionals, scientists and caregivers involved in sleep and related fields
  4. the education of scientists, physicians, and the general population about sleep, its implications in multiple brain-body functions and the consequences of insufficient sleep

To realize its mission the ESF supports diverse activities through schools, think tanks, master courses and research/educational fellowships.

Together with the Universities of Bern and Svizzera Italiana the ESF organizes a post-graduate Master program (“Academy of Sleep and Consciousness”) which offers unique training and an career perspectives in sleep, disorders of consciousness and related fields.



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